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The Step Gauge 3D ruler is a patented multi-function tool that measures in three dimensions. It is a revolutionary tool that allows you to quickly and accurately calibrate tools, check your work, and space pieces for fast placement. Its patented design allows you to measure height and width in one single step!

Fact: Your fingers can feel 30 times more accurately than your eyes can see. The 3D ruler helps you be a more precise craftsperson!

no squint precision

The Step Gauge 3D ruler supports your work pieces for perfect placement!

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A hundred uses on the job:

Measure out-of-level conditions on floors- tuck the 3d ruler under your 2, 4, or 6 foot level until the bubble reads level, check which step you’re on, now you know how to adjust- what size shim to cut, etc.

Use as a graduated shim to pitch pipes, shower drain pans, etc. Precision rips with your job-site table saw.

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